Vicio restaurant in Barcelona, the best hamburger restaurant in town

Vicio restaurant in Barcelona, the best hamburger restaurant in town

  • Address: Via Augusta, 21, 08006 Barcelona

  • How to get there: Metro stop L5 Diagonal. Buses H8 or 24. Gràcia Railway stop.

  • Location: 0.6 km away from Eixample

  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 00:00

  • Web:

  • Instagram and Facebook: ganasdevicio

  • Type of food: American

  • Price: €€€.

  • Service options: On the premises - Pick up on the street - Contactless delivery.

Vicio and its hamburger in Barcelona

Vicio is a burger restaurant in Barcelona that opened in 2021 as a small startup of hamburgers at home in Barcelona, but in a few months had already captivated the hearts of most of the inhabitants of Barcelona. Currently, they already have a physical location, located in the heart of Barcelona.

This hamburger restaurant was created by Alex Puig, one of the winners of the television contest MasterChef. In his establishments in Barcelona they work with a hybrid concept in which they deliver orders to your home, but they also have a restaurant area. restaurant area for all those people who want to enjoy their hamburger on the premises.

Vicio Restaurant in Via Augusta

Their specialty is the "smash burger, a variant of the hamburger in which a ball of meat is crushed and toasted on the griddle, to give it the shape of a hamburger on the spot.

When you enter their premises you will realize that part of their success is due to the excellent marketing campaign they have designed and the decoration of the place that will catch you before you even try the first bite. But the truth is that each and every one of their burgers are delicious.

The burgers are characterized by not carrying an excessive amount of ingredients, as the expert chef Alex Puig ensures that these are mixed in the mouth preventing us to feel the nuances of each one. That is why his hamburgers the right ingredients and in the perfect proportion.

The best Vicio burguers in Barcelona

One of their star recipes is the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgerwhich has a double disc of meat. Each disk weighs 180 grams, so you can imagine the size of this super burger. Dry aged beef, crispy bacon, cheddar, pickles and homemade barbecue sauce are added to the dry aged beef, a real treat for your palate!

We recommend you not to leave without trying their fries with "mimolette" cheese sauce, You won't be able to get them out of your head!

Vicio restaurant in Barcelona, the best hamburger restaurant in town

Reviews of Vicio hotspot Barcelona

We have made a general evaluation of all the opinions that customers have left us about Vicio. In general they say that the quality is very good and that the hamburgers they offer are top quality. are top quality, with fresh ingredients. Most of them assure that they will come back and even bring more friends and family so they can try these delicious bites.

Do you dare to try this authentic vice for your taste buds? Just go to Vicio Barcelona, the best burger bar in the city, sit at one of their tables and relax with the explosion of flavors that your mouth will feel.

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