El proyecto de la Bruja, children's escape room for birthdays in Barcelona

El proyecto de la Bruja, children's escape room for birthdays in Barcelona

  • Address: Carrer de Leiva 39 Local, 08014 (Sants)
  • Phone: 640 805 385
  • Web: https://elproyectodelabruja.com/
  • Email: elproyectodelabruja@gmail.com
  • Recommended age: From 8 to 16 years old
  • RRSS: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Are you looking for an escape room for children in Barcelona? The Witch's Project is a great option. This is a fun activity for children from 8 to 16 years old that takes place in an escape room located in the neighborhood of Sants. It is a perfect plan for birthday celebrations or to organize a different day together with your children.

In The Witch's Project all participants will play at the same time divided into different groups. They will be equipped with a cape, a flashlight and a magic book to get into the fantasy and get carried away by the story of the escape room.

The plot is very original and intriguing: a witch has the mission to travel to the village of Trasmoz to recover her five sisters who have suspiciously disappeared. To achieve this, she needs the help of children who know magic so that the sisters' whereabouts can be found.

During this children's escape room in Barcelona a lot of surprising and fun activities will be carried out: from magic rituals, to palm readings, tarot cards, spells, orientation...

A magical and fun game, full of adventures and mysteries to solve. Above all: it is not a scary room escape! It is a game totally adapted to children who really want to have a great time.

El proyecto de la Bruja, children's escape room for birthdays in Barcelona

Celebrate your birthday in this children's escape room in Barcelona

The Witch's project is a perfect escape room to celebrate children's birthdays in Barcelona. And it is that from the room offer an ideal birthday pack to mount an unforgettable party.

The pack consists of a price of 24 € per child which includes:

  • The escape room game
  • 1 drink
  • Snack (assorted cookies, cupcakes, sweets, drinks, cake and birthday candle, etc.).
  • Monitor

The total of this birthday activity is 2 hours.

If you celebrate the birthday from Monday to Thursday, the experience is 20€ per child and includes the following:

  • Game
  • Mini snack
  • Birthday cake

The total of this weekday activity is 1 hour and a half.

Here we leave you more information about this escape room for children in Barcelona.

In addition, in this escape room it is not necessary for parents to stay in the room. At all times, children will be accompanied by a monitor, therefore, parents can go for a coffee and then come for their kids.

The best thing about The Witch's Project is that it is a game in which the children are not separated. They play at the same time, although separated in teams of 4 or 5 so that they can enjoy the adventure more. This way, they can celebrate the birthday together and really have a great time.

As you can see, this is one of the best room escape to celebrate birthdays for children in Barcelona . And they have everything you need to make the party memorable: a magical game, fun monitors, a tasty snack and, of course, a birthday cake. Make your children celebrate their birthday like never before in one of the most popular urban games.

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