PortAventura World, Barcelona

PortAventura World, Barcelona

PortAventura World is one of the largest parks in Europe, about an hour away from Barcelona: so far it has not been very popular with Italians, but the opening of the Ferrari Land in April 2021 has certainly made it a reason for attracting compatriots.

In fact, PortAventura World consists of 3 distinct parks:

  • PortAventura Park: the actual amusement park, with various thematic areas;
  • Costa Caribe Aqua Park: a water park;
  • Ferrari Land: a theme amusement park, similar to the one already existing in Abu Dhabi.

The structure is completed by 5 hotels, 2 golf courses, a beach and a convention center. Even though they are located in the same area, each of the parks has independent tickets and entrances.

The park is huge, and requires some organization to visit well, to help you we have written a guide on how to survive the visit of PortAventura in one day from Barcelona.

PortAventura Park

PortAventura is divided into 6 thematic areas, for a total of approx about forty major attractions, suitable for different age groups. One of these areas, SĂ©samo Aventura, is dedicated to younger children, under the age of 8. Each sector has its own setting and a series of shows in line with the theme of the area. The times of the shows are included in the map that is given to you at the entrance to the park, or possibly at the hotel reception. Outside the park enclosure, for the summer of 2021, the show tent of the Cirque du Soleil.

mediterrĂ nia

And the first area located immediately after the entrance. To move in the areas of China and Polynesia you can take the boat from Port de la Drassana, if you have small children with you you can instead point to the EstaciĂł del Norte, from where you can take the little train to Sesame Adventure. In parentheses there are the minimum heights, where provided, to be able to access the attraction alone, or in the company of an adult.

  • furius Bacon (minimum height 140, maximum 1,95): an 850-meter coaster with an acceleration from 0 to 135 km / h in 3 seconds, and one of the most fun ever. The acceleration system is the one used on aircraft carriers to launch the fighter in flight, while the braking system is magnetic.


Tropical themed area with lots of greenery, there are several shows, in addition to the Tutuki Splash where you can get some water. Don't miss the Aves del Paraiso show, with parrots and other birds.

    • Ice Age, the 4-D Ride (alt min 140, between 100 and 140 only with an adult): 4D show dedicated to the Ice Age 3 movie, lasts about 5 minutes and hosts 80 people at a time.
    • Achieve Splash (alt min 140, between 120 and 140 only with an adult): aquatic attraction in a boat route, there are 2 large descents where you will surely get wet. It lasts about 5 minutes.
    • Birds of paradise: it is one of the most colorful and curious shows in PortAventura: with the help of an instructor, different tropical birds are presented, such as parrots, a cassowary, and cranes from South Africa, in an exciting show lasting about 30 minutes.

Sesame Adventure

PortAventura World, Barcelona
Sesame Aventura, children's area

And the section of the park for the little ones, if the child is less than 130cm tall, an adult will need to be accompanied to almost all attractions. The theme is that of the characters of the Muppets, in Spanish SĂ©samo, with 10 attractions dedicated to them. Attention, in this area there are no dedicated queues with the pass.


PortAventura World, Barcelona
Shambhala in the China area

The China section reproduces the ancient millenary China, with the reproduction of buildings and a section of the Chinese wall. Inside are located 3 of the most famous attractions in all of PortAventura:

  • Shambhala (alt min 140): one of the highest roller coasters in Europe, with its 76 meters. Acceleration in the fall reaches 135 km / h, and it is only the beginning of a path of curves and counter-curves to leave you with bated breath. It is one of the most popular attractions in all of PortAventura.
  • Dragon Khan (alt min 140; max 195): another great roller coaster of PortAventura: it is less high than Shambhala - 49 meters - and a little slower, but this does not at all mean that it is quieter, far from it. Its 38-meter loop is one of the largest in the world, adding up to a total of 8 flips and a peak speed of 110 km / h. You will remember that.
  • of Angkor (alt min 130, if small only with an adult): a boat ride in a scenario based on the temple of Angkor Wat, in Cambodia. The boats have water guns with which you can shoot various targets along the way, or have water battles with other park visitors. Obviously from this attraction you come out wet, so it is advisable to wear a bathing suit.


Maya Mexico is the star of this thematic area, with the great fall tower, Hurakan Condor, as the main attraction.

    • Hurakan Condor (alt min 140; max 195): it is a free fall tower - or a drop tower - 100 meters high, able to offer a launch into the void of more than 3 seconds from a height of 86 meters, to reach the 115 km / h before braking. Palpitations and adrenaline guaranteed.
    • Fire Temple (alt min 140; if between 100 and 140 only with an adult): this is a show with special effects, technically a walking experience, lasting 10 minutes.
    • The Devil - Mine Train (alt min 140; if between 110 and 140 only with an adult): roller coaster set in a silver mine, with themed wagons. It is one of the most scenic, the route takes about 4 minutes.

Far West

PortAventura World, Barcelona
Grand Canyon Rapids

Settler America is the protagonist of the far west area, with the complete recreation of a frontier village in Texas, called Penitence. The area offers some of the best restaurants in PortAventura, so it's not a bad idea to get there around lunch or dinner time.

      • Stampida (min alt 120): a wooden roller coaster, consisting of two almost parallel paths, and a large 25 meter descent. The red route is the best.
      • Silver River Flume (alt min 140, between 100 and 140 only with an adult): also called tronquitos, or logs, is an aquatic journey aboard a log-shaped boat. Another attraction where you get wet, and therefore welcome in summer. A complete tour takes about 6 and a half minutes.
      • Grand Canyon Rapids (alt min 130, between 110 and 130 only with an adult): a simulated rafting trip aboard a 9-passenger inflatable boat, in the middle of an environment that reproduces the Grand Canyon. You will surely get wet.

Il Cirque du Soleil - Varekai

Il Cirque du Soleil, the famous Canadian circus company known all over the world, he presented the Kooza show at PortAventura during the 2014 season, and in 2015 Amaluna, both very acclaimed by the public. After a one-year break the Cirque du Soleil returns in 2021 with a new exciting show, Varekai, based on the myth of Icarus, where the protagonist, instead of falling into the water, lands in an enchanted forest. The show will be staged during the months of July and August 2021, and presented inside the characteristic white tent, with over 2000 seats, outside the park enclosure. Neither the cost of the ticket nor the discounts for PortAventura ticket holders have yet been announced.

Hotel in PortAventura

PortAventura World, Barcelona
PortAventura has 5 themed hotels to be able to stay in the park or in its immediate vicinity. The entrance ticket is also included in the room price, plus a discount on the Express Pass (see below). Apart from the Mansion de Lucy, which is 5 *, the others are 4 *. The price includes:

  • exclusive access to the hotel swimming pool with deck chairs and towels,
  • buffet breakfast,
  • free parking,
  • entertainment for children.

Children up to 2 years do not pay for accommodation. Check-in takes place at 15:00, so if you arrive earlier, make sure you are ready to go to the amusement park: when the room is ready you will be notified by message. The check-out instead is at 11:00.

Hotel PortAventura 4 *

Located on the side of the park, the PortAventura Hotel is designed to offer a pleasant stay, with entertainment, indoor restaurants and swimming pools. The setting of the hotel reproduces that of a typical Mediterranean pueblo. The rooms are located in different buildings scattered around in a green area, with an artificial lake and two swimming pools in the center.

Hotel El Paso 4 *

With a Mexican setting, Hotel El Paso is located 5 minutes from PortAventura. The connection is guaranteed by a free shuttle bus service. The rooms are distributed between a main building, and several smaller buildings around the hotel. The animation is very active, with live music performances, theatrical performances, magic, activities and games in the pool, parties and sports activities.

Hotel Caribe 4 *

Hotel Caribe is located 5 minutes walk from the park entrance. As in El Paso, a free shuttle bus connects tourists to the park. The hotel is built around a large sandy swimming pool, with several smaller buildings spread around it, surrounded by palm trees. As you can imagine, the reference setting is that of the Caribbean, recalling the nearby water park.

Gold River Hotel 4 *

The Gold River Hotel is located alongside the Far West area of ​​PortAventura, offering direct access to the park. Surely the hotel with the most scenic setting, reproduces a small village in the West, with rooms scattered among various buildings. The hotel also offers mini-apartments for families and groups, with 6-bed rooms and independent kitchen.

Lucy’s Mansion 5*

Composed by 31 result, Lucy's Mansion is the most exclusive hotel in all of PortAventura. The hotel's service is obviously personalized, offering a peaceful environment with every comfort. Located next to the Gold River Hotel, it shares direct access to the park with it.

Other hotels nearby

In addition to the park's own hotels, you can find cheaper accommodation, also taking advantage of the beauties of Salou, the small town on the Mediterranean where PortAventura is located. Keep in mind that the PortAventura entrance is about 3 km from the center of Salou, so you can easily move around on foot.

Regent Aragon 4 *

The Regente Aragon is located in the center of Salou, approximately 3 km from the PortAventura entrance. Small, clean, and with a well-rated restaurant within it, it has good prices. Breakfast included, all rooms are equipped with air conditioning.

Les DĂ lies Apartamentos 3 *

Just 2 km from the park entrance, Les Dàlies is located in a quieter area of ​​Salou, although very close to the center, suitable for families with children. The apartments are new, all with air conditioning and mini kitchen, with an excellent quality / price ratio. They accept pets. Internal parking is paid separately.


The restaurants inside PortAventura have a bad reputation: the food is expensive, when there are many people the food is poorly prepared and the service is amateur. Hotel restaurants are much better, but even here the price tends to be excessive. You cannot bring food into the park, not even bottles of water, with the excuse of security checks they will make you remove anything edible.

If you are staying in the PortAventura hotel, Gold River or Lucy's Mansion, as there are no controls you can take whatever you want into the park.

My suggestion is to limit yourself to buying sandwiches, usually the best product. However, when leaving PortAventura, things are very different.

La Piazza Pizzeria - Cap de Salou

I never go to Italian restaurants when I'm abroad, but I happened to have dinner in this lovely restaurant and I had to change my mind. Located a little out of the way from the center of Salou, the place is quiet, the service attentive and the food really good: try the lasagna, it would convince even in Italy.

Where and when

The square is located in Cala de la Font, 5 in Cap de Salou. It opens every day for lunch from 12:30 until 15:30 and for dinner from 19:00 until 23:30. If you are driving, you should know that parking is not easy, better not go into the center and take a walk.

O Mar restaurant

You are on the Costa Daurada, halfway between Valencia and Barcelona. If you want to try a paella you are in the right place. Go inside, forget about various appetizers - very good indeed - and ask for the paella de marisco first and the fideuá afterwards.

Where and when

O Mar is located at Carrer Buigas, 29, in Salou. It opens every day for lunch from 13:00 to 16:00 and in the evening from 20:00 to 23:45.

How to get to PortAventura

PortAventura is very well connected with Barcelona: you can go either by train from Sants station, or by bus leaving directly from El Prat airport.

At PortAventura by car

Near PortAventura passes the highway, the AP-7. From Barcelona, ​​once you have taken the AP-7 in the direction of Valencia, it takes about an hour, exit at PortAventura. Parking is an unpleasant surprise: you will be asked for € 10 for simple parking, € 12,50 for the preferential one, closer. Get to the bottom of the parking lot and then go up to the end, to have the car as close as possible when you go out: the day will be long, and when you go out it will be much more convenient to have the car nearby.

From Barcelona city to PortAventura by train

The train is the most convenient way to get to PortAventura from Barcelona. It takes about an hour and 20 minutes. Go to Sants station (by metro with line 3 or 5), and take the train that stops directly at PortAventura. The service is managed by Renfe, tickets can be bought at any ticket office, even in the automatic ones present in all stations, or online. Once you arrive at the station, just walk 5 minutes to reach the park entrance.

From Barcelona airport to PortAventura

You can reach PortAventura directly from Barcelona El Prat Airport by bus. The service is offered by Bus Plana. For the timetables of the races it is better to check their website directly.

Calendar and timetables

The PortAventura season will start on 7 April 2021, to end on 6 January 2018. At the moment the official calendar with all times has not yet been published, however, throughout the year the park opens at 10:00 and closes at 19:00 midweek and at 20: 00 on weekends. In July and August, however, the park closes at midnight.

Tickets for PortAventura

The entrance ticket to PortAventura allows you to enter the park and queue normal to all attractions. THE children up to and including 3 years enter for free; those between 4 and 10 and adults over 60 are entitled to reduced admission; those with a handicap greater than 33% are entitled to a 50% discount, and access to attractions without queuing, also extended to a companion. For large families (from 3 to 6 children) there is a single ticket valid for all. Finally, holders of the Barcelona Card can take advantage of a 20% discount on the entrance ticket.

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Il Pass Express allows access to attractions through preferential queues, in our guide we explain if and when it is convenient to do so. Attractions included are Shambhala, Furius Baco, Dragon Khan, Templo del Fuego, Tutuki Splash, Stampida, Angkor, Silver River Flume, El Diablo - Tren de la Mina, Grand Canyon Rapids. The simple Express Pass allows you to access through preferential queues only once, while the Premium Pass allows unlimited access. Gold versions are for front row seating on Shambhala, Furius Baco and Dragon Khan.

PortAventura surroundings

PortAventura is located in Salou, in the heart of the Costa Daurada - Costa Dorada in Spanish - a stretch of coastal road that extends from Calafell to the Ebro Delta. In the surroundings there are many things to see, for all tastes:

  • Salou: the most important tourist center, for its beaches and discos;
  • Tarragona: the historic center was included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2000;
  • Reus: the birthplace of Antoni GaudĂ­, with the GaudĂ­ Center, a large exhibition center;
  • The Ebro Delta park: an important nature reserve.
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