The Erotic Museum

The Erotic Museum

He could miss in Barcelona a Museum of Eroticism? The Museum of Erotica of Barcelona, ​​or MEB, is located in the middle of the Rambla, almost opposite the Boquería market. The Museum offers a broad historical-cultural path on the influence of eroticism on man from prehistoric times to today, with material from different eras and civilizations. Walking through the museum you can see how human sexuality has been a source of inspiration, represented both explicitly and implicitly, according to the various cultures and codes of conduct in different societies and historical moments.

One of the various rooms of the Museum is dedicated toJapanese erotic art, with several erotic prints called shunga, a source of inspiration for the late 800th century impressionist painters in Europe, and also the progenitors of the very current hentai manga. Another room is dedicated to European art, with reproductions of paintings by Rubens, Velázquez, Goya o Klimt. Could not miss a section dedicated to Guinness World Record, as well as one dedicated to fetishism and sadomasochism.

Among the original materials presented there is also the private collection of King Alfonso XIII, the last king of Spain before the proclamation of the Republic and the subsequent Spanish Civil War, as well as great-grandfather of the current ruler Felipe VI: these are short films made around to 1926 in nearby Raval, characterized by a high quality of production, and can be considered among the first European pornographic videos.

The collection of the museum in general is interesting, of course, if you have been in similar structures in Amsterdam or Paris, then forget it, as the one in Barcelona is little thing compared to these, however it may be worth a visit to pass by a carefree hour. One criticism to make concerns the audio guide, not included in the ticket price, but rentable separately: definitely pretentious.

Useful Information

One of the advantages of the museum is its opening hours: closing at midnight, and given its very central location, it is easy to pass by after dinner. To visit the Erotic Museum, allow about an hour to take your time. You can purchase special packages for stag or hen parties.

How to get to the erotic museum

The Erotic Museum is located on La Rambla, at number 96 bis, less than 100 meters north of the Boquería. Going up towards Plaça de Catalunya you will find it on the right side of the road. Getting to the MEB is very simple, you can get off at the Liceu stop of line 3 of the metro. If you are using the Bus Turístic, the nearest stop is Plaça de Catalunya.

Working Time

The MEB opens every day from 10:00 until midnight; on 24/12 the opening is reduced from 10:00 to 17:00, on January 12st from 00:25 to midnight. On December XNUMX the museum is closed.


Buy tickets on the official website

The cost for the normal ticket is 9€, for retirees and students a reduction of € 1 is available. Holders of the Bus Turístic discount booklet are entitled to a discount of € 1, while the discount is € 2 for those with the Barcelona Card. Audio guides in Italian are available for an additional € 3.

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