Free parking in Barcelona

Free parking in Barcelona

Are you in Barcelona and want to park without spending a euro? You're in the right place. At ForBarcelonaLovers we tell you all the places where you can park for free. Let's get to it!

Free parking areas in Barcelona

There are seven areas in Barcelona where you can find parking without spending money: Montju茂c, Zona Universitaria, the Pedralbes neighbourhood, near the beaches, La Maquinista, La Segrera and Vall d'Hebr贸n - Guinard贸.

Free parking in Poblesec

Poble Sec is another of Barcelona's suburbs, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and where you can also find free parking.

But we advise you to be careful and make sure your car is in a safe area, as often parking away from the centre is a risk to the safety of the vehicle.

If you prefer to park in more central areas and not worry about your car being damaged, you can book a cheap parking space in the centre of Barcelona.

Free parking in Zona Universitaria

This area is on the outskirts of the city, just where Avenida Diagonal begins.

The Zona Universitaria is an area away from the centre with plenty of free parking spaces. It is one of the most popular areas for free parking in Barcelona.

However, keep in mind that it is the area where most of the universities of the city are located and many students take advantage of it to leave their cars near the faculty. So, if you come during the week and during school hours, forget about finding a place in this area.

Free parking in Pedralbes

In Pedralbes your car won't be at as much risk as in other suburban areas considered "unsafe". Located in the upper part of the city, this district is characterized by being a quiet, residential area, not too far from the city center.

In Pedralbes you will find free parking, although it will take longer to get to the city centre. In fact, there is no metro station in this district and you will have to walk to find a bus stop.

Free parking on Barcelona's beaches

During a trip to Barcelona you can't miss a visit to its beaches: a walk by the sea in the late afternoon to enjoy a beautiful sunset can be a perfect and very romantic plan.

Of course, if you want to stay near the beach, you'll have a hard time finding a free car park: you can find one near the Mar Bella and Ronda Litoral but, if you're travelling in summer, finding a free parking space will be almost impossible.

Free parking on Montju茂c

Montju茂c is a mountain located near Plaza Espa帽a. Here we find the Palau Sant Jordi, the Olympic Stadium, the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) or the Montjuic Castle.

In Montjuic is also the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia (MAC) which has free parking. In addition, around Montjuic there are some streets where you can park for free, for example, near the Olympic Stadium.

Shopping centres

Leaving your car in the car parks of shopping centres or other large shopping centres has always been a good option to avoid paying for parking and leave your car in a more or less safe place. Here are some shopping centres in Barcelona where you can leave your car for free.

  • Diagonal Mar
  • City of Herons
  • La Illa
  • Granvia2

These four shopping centres have free underground parking. They are safe and covered places. They can be a good option to leave your car without anything happening to it.

La Sagrera

La Sagrera is an area located in the Clot neighbourhood and is not far from the centre: 3 kilometres from the Sagrada Familia and 20 minutes on metro line 5 (L5) from the metro station closest to the Sagrada Familia.

Since it is impossible to find free parking near the Sagrada Familia, leaving the car in Sagrera to visit Gaudi's masterpiece can be a good idea.

Vall d'Hebron - Guinard贸

Vall d'Hebron and Guinard贸 are two residential neighborhoods in the upper part of the city. They are far from the city centre and, for this reason, there are free parking spaces along their streets with blue and green zones.

In these neighbourhoods you can leave your car for more than a day without having to pay a single cent. However, as these neighbourhoods are far from the city centre and somewhat isolated, leaving your car outside on the street may not be the best option, both for convenience and safety.

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