Contemporary Culture Center (CCCB)

Contemporary Culture Center (CCCB)

Il Center de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, ​​known as CCCB, is one of the most visited cultural and exhibition centers in the city of Barcelona. Located in the Raval, its main theme is the city and urban culture. Its success is due to the quality of its exhibitions, and its versatility in offering attention to a wide range of audiences.

Inaugurated in 1994, as part of a project to redevelop the barrio del Raval, the CCCB occupies part of theold house of charity, a building created in 1802 to accommodate the most needy of the city, and remained in operation until 1957. The restoration work was completed in 1993, and has maintained the original structure around the central patio, formerly known as Pati de las dones (women's patio), and including in the work a large crystal facade, over 30 meters high, able to connect the two wings of the ancient building, as well as forming a mirror on the patio below.

The main building has an exhibition area of ​​over Twentyfour sq.m., on a total area of ​​over 15.000 square meters, and includes, in addition to three exhibition spaces, an auditorium, the internal patio and the panoramic room. This last room is located on the top floor of the building. From this privileged position it is possible to admire the center of Barcelona from a unique perspective, although access to the room is not always guaranteed, as it is sometimes rented for private events.

Exhibitions and activities

In addition to at least two main exhibitions, which change approximately every semester, the CCCB presents numerous complementary activities, such as monthly exhibitions dedicated to emerging artists, or debates and workshops concerning various artistic and audiovisual disciplines. With the arrival of summer, concerts are also included in the program in the internal patio, usually free.

World Press Photo '16 (11 November - 11 December 2016): the 155 winning photos of the World Press Photo were chosen from almost 83.000 images, distributed in 8 different categories. The exhibition is expanded with guided tours, round tables and other activities to deepen the debate on the value and objectives of journalistic photography, and deepen the themes of the winning projects.

1000 m2 of desire - architecture and sexuality (25 October 2016 - 19 March 2021): this curious exhibition is dedicated to how spaces for sex in Western society have been designed, built and imagined from the 250th century to the present day, with an exhibition of XNUMX works, including drawings, models, artistic installations, books and other material . The exhibition aims to analyze the relationship between architecture and sexuality, reviewing spaces built, or more often imagined, for pleasure.

Photobook phenomenon (March 17 - August 27, 2021): the exhibition helps to offer new perspectives on the importance of the photographic book in contemporary visual culture, tracing a path that extends from the first works to the current copious production, examining some of the most successful examples.

After the end of the world (25 October 2021 - 1 April 2018): an exhibition on planet earth in 2021, irreversibly transformed into the planet of man after two centuries since the industrial revolution. Starting from the past, the exhibition aims to anticipate the world as it will be in the second half of the XNUMXst century, focusing on the responsibility of our society towards future generations.

Useful Information

How to get to the CCCB

The CCCB is located on Carrer de Montalegre, at the Plaça dels Ángels, practically opposite the MACBA, within the Raval district. It can be easily reached on foot from the Plaça de Catalunya metro stop (lines 1, 3, 6 and 7), or from the Universitat stop (lines 1 and 2). With the turístic bus, you can get off at Plaça de Catalunya stop on the blue and red lines.

Working Time

The exhibition halls of the CCCB are open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11:00 to 20:00. The center closes on non-holiday Mondays, 24, 25 and 31 December, 1 and 5 January.


The visit to a single exhibition in the CCCB costs 6 euros; to access two or more exhibitions it is necessary to pay 8 euros. On Sundays, from 15:00 pm to 20:00 pm, admission to the exhibitions is free, however there are limited places available. Holders of the Barcelona Card and the BCN Artket are entitled to free access.

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