Best time to travel to Barcelona

Best time to travel to Barcelona

What is the best time to come to Barcelona? At ForBarcelonaLovers we tell you everything you need to know if you can't decide between the 4 seasons. You'll see the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Let's get to it!

Travelling to Barcelona in summer: best time

Is Barcelona synonymous with beach, heat, cocktails, terrace and party? If that is your conception of Barcelona there is no doubt: summer is the best time to travel to Barcelona. At that time, the sun shines and the temperatures are high, around 30 degrees.

Although Barcelona is always partying, it's true that in summer it's double the usual. Cocktails, drinks, bars, music... whatever you want.

You can also enjoy the open-air cinema and the Brunch in the Park festival every Sunday afternoon - it's great!

Disadvantages of travelling to Barcelona in summer

If you're looking for a relaxing holiday and want to find peace and quiet, it's best not to travel to Barcelona in the summer. The heat can be exhausting and there will be a lot of people wherever you go. Also, accommodation is much more expensive in high season (summer).

Travelling to Barcelona in Autumn

If you want to enjoy the essence of Barcelona but with less tourists we recommend you to travel in Autumn. In September and October there are fewer people and it is less hot than in July and August. However, it's a great temperature for walking and even going to the beach - if you're lucky you can still take a dip in Barceloneta!

November is often mild and there are far fewer tourists in Barcelona, a real treat for people who like to discover the city at their leisure!

Also, accommodation will be much cheaper by far in the summer, as it's not high season and prices tend to go down, so make the most of it!

Disadvantages of travelling to Barcelona in autumn

What's the bad thing about autumn in Barcelona? Aha, the rains. Although they are very sunny months, there is more risk of rain. The weather can be variable and you can go from bright sunshine to a downpour out of nowhere. Can you imagine coming to Barcelona and getting rained on every day? what a disappointment! That's why we recommend that before booking any trip you check the weather forecast for the dates.

In addition, in autumn there are fewer activities to do and fewer outdoor parties than in summer.

Travelling to Barcelona in winter

If you like the tranquility and want to discover the city without the mass of tourists, winter is the best season to visit Barcelona. It's low season, which means there aren't as many people at the tourist sites and the price of accommodation is the lowest of the year (except for Christmas and New Year's Eve).

And although the temperatures are cold, if there's one good thing about winter in Barcelona it's our beloved sunshine - thank you Mediterranean climate! Barcelona's climate in winter is cool, but with mild temperatures. In fact, it doesn't get below zero and there are no frosts at this time of the year.

On average, temperatures in Barcelona in winter are around 13 degrees Celsius.

Disadvantages of travelling to Barcelona in winter

As you can imagine, and like anywhere else, you have to forget about tanning and bathing in winter. Even so, you can spend a pleasant time on a terrace, in the warmth of the sun's rays.

Travelling to Barcelona in spring

Barcelona wakes up again in spring, after the winter break. The beach bars are starting to be set up, the terraces are full of people and the parties are knocking at the door. The two most important festivals in Barcelona, Primavera Sound and Sonar, take place during this season.

You can feel the summer coming! Also, a good thing about travelling to Barcelona at this time of year, prices are lower than in July and August and there are far fewer people (except at Easter).

Disadvantages of travelling to Barcelona in spring

As in autumn, the weather is variable in spring. It may rain or be hot and sunny, but don't be discouraged! Also, as we mentioned before, prices are lower in spring than in summer, although it is also true that they can go up at Easter, or during Primavera Sound or Sonar.

Still haven't decided when to travel to Barcelona? Easy, come in all of them and choose the one you like the most.

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