Barcelona: all the information for traveling with children

Barcelona: all the information for traveling with children

Barcelona is a great choice for a trip with children: you can easily fill your days with museum visits, fun for the whole family and relaxing moments on the beach. The choice is vast: from the main attractions, such as Tibidabo, the Zoo or the Aquarium, to museums dedicated specifically for children, such as the CosmoCaixa and the Museu Blau.

You can vary your choice with free activities: the Ciutadella park it is just one of the many parks where you can spend some time with the whole family. Finally, when summer arrives, going to the beach in the Catalan capital is certainly one of the most popular activities for young and old. In this article we have collected a series of useful information to better organize your holidays in Ciutat Condal with the whole family.

Moving with children in Barcelona

Going around Barcelona with children is quite simple: a large part of the historic center is restricted to traffic, as are the various ramblas that descend to the sea, as well as the promenade itself. To this we must add over 70 km of cycle paths scattered throughout the city, with local drivers showing a higher respect for cyclists than that seen on average in Italy.

When it comes to public transport, Barcelona's transport company, TMB, considers full-fare paying travelers all children over 4 years old of age: take this detail into account if you plan to look for accommodation outside the center. Transportation is very efficient and punctual, rarely during the day you will wait more than 5 minutes to catch a bus or metro.

Is the Barcelona Card worth it if I travel with children?

The Barcelona card allows you to travel for free on public transport, as well as get free admissions and reductions in all the city's museums and monuments. For children from 4 to 12 years there is a dedicated version called Barcelona Card kids, with a reduced price: a 4-day card for example costs € 24,30 if purchased online. The point is that discounts are only valid for full rates and cannot accumulate between them. The only real advantage therefore is to be able enter the main museums by skipping the queues: If you are traveling to Barcelona during a busy period, it can save you a lot of time. As for transport, considering that a return ticket from the airport to the city costs € 9, and that the 10-journey booklet - the T-10 - costs € 9,95, it could be convenient especially if you intend to move quite a lot, taking into account that with children you could use public transport more.

Strollers in Barcelona

In general there are no particular problems a move around with strollers in Barcelona: sidewalks, pedestrian areas, ramps, and easier access on buses are much more common than in Italy. The only drawback is to enter some metro stations in the city center: some of these do not have an elevator, so you may have to use the escalators to access. All public structures, such as museums, are barrier-free, as are the vast majority of privately managed structures. Some buildings or historical monuments are an exception, where it was not possible to adapt the structure without compromising its integrity.

Rent a stroller

Alternatively, you can rent a stroller, and other material for children, directly in Barcelona:

  • Babygoestravel (in English)
  • Babytravelling (in English)
  • Backpackbaby (in italiano)

The costs vary depending on whether you want to receive the material at the airport or collect it personally.

By taxi with children

In Spain, the seat is compulsory for all children up to 135 cm in height. Taxis are exempted from this obligation only within urban areas: in particular in Barcelona the connection with the airport is excluded. If you have your own car seat, you can use it at no extra cost, otherwise you can request one if you call for a ride. When you arrive at the airport it is not really necessary to book a taxi with a child seat, as it is usually easy to find someone already present. If you are leaving the city and want to reach the airport, you need to book in advance, specifying that you need a child seat, in Spanish baby seat. Two companies to book with are:

  • Sea and its
  • Taxi-Barcelona

Activities for the whole family in Barcelona

Barcelona offers a thousand things to do with children, in all seasons. When traveling with children it is always best to plan ahead, but don't worry, Barcelona is an easy city to visit even with little ones in tow!

Street performances for children

Barcelona: all the information for traveling with children
One of the most engaging things about Barcelona is the possibility of being able to attend numerous street performances for families: jugglers, street artists and living statues have always been part of city life. On the occasion of major holidays, as well as during neighborhood parties, the Municipality and the various committees always organize a certain number of street performances. Participation is always free, although it is always a good thing to leave an offer in the hat when present.

Museums and monuments with children

Throughout Barcelona, ​​access to families is not only allowed, but also encouraged in various ways: reduced prices or free admissions are the norm in state museums and almost all private ones. For the little ones there are often specific activities, moreover, a certain number of structures are aimed precisely at families with children, such as the CosmoCaixa or the Blau Museum. As for public museums, in most cases the entrance is free up to 16 years of age. In private museums, the age at which you can access at a reduced price or for free varies from structure to structure, however it is generally around 10-12 years.

Fun with children

Let's start with free things: all public parks and gardens offer at least one space dedicated to games for children, and if you know where to go your little ones will have a fantastic day, without weighing on your wallet. And if you are at the right time, a day on the beach can be their joy: in this case, bear in mind that all public beaches in Barcelona offer a wide range of services for families. Many Barcelona families generally prefer public swimming pools when in town, then head out on the weekend.

As for the actual amusement parks, with the exception of Tibidabo, most are located outside Barcelona: the largest is certainly Port Aventura, one of the most visited amusement parks in Europe.

Eating with children in Barcelona

Bars and restaurants for families

Restaurants in Barcelona generally accept younger children without problems, and almost always offer high chairs, menus or suitable dishes, as well as the possibility of having the bottle warm. In addition to this there is a wide choice of bars or restaurants dedicated to families: this is the case of family bar, rooms designed for families with small children where games, tables, high chairs and changing tables are available. These are safe places where mothers and fathers can relax without losing sight of their children, and where children can have fun together with their peers. For those who want to know more, we have prepared a list of the best family bars in Barcelona.

Family picnic

All public parks in Barcelona have spaces for families, intended both as spaces for children to play and as picnic areas. If time permits, and in Barcelona it is easy for it to happen, it can be a nice alternative to organize a packed lunch, for example if you go to the beach, or if you want to get off the beaten track. Barcelona is full of parks where you can spend a good time outdoors, take advantage of them!

Sleeping with children in Barcelona

Hotels, B & Bs, hostels: Barcelona offers accommodation options for all needs - and all budgets - including those of parents. Of course, we must always make sure that the structures chosen have the necessary for our little ones available, and that it is clear what is included or not in the price, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Some hotels and B & Bs are specializing in welcoming families with small children, offering more specific services to those who decide to visit the Catalan city with the whole family: game rooms, activities for families, reserved spaces and suitable kitchens.

Check out the recommended hotels if you are traveling with children

Italian babysitters in Barcelona

And if you want to enjoy a romantic dinner, knowing that the children are in safe hands, you can go directly to the Barcelona tourist office, where an Italian babysitter service is offered, or alternatively Barcelona Babysitter.

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