Barcelona airports

Barcelona airports

When you are talking about Barcelona airport, the thought can only go toEl Prat airport, the second Spanish airport in terms of passenger numbers after Madrid.

How many airports does Barcelona have and which are they

Barcelona is connected to Italy by two airports:

  • El Prat Airport: it is the main city airport and is located just 13km from Barcelona (Placa de Catalunya);
  • Girona airport: Girona is another city in Catalonia and is 105km from Barcelona, ​​about 1h30m by bus. Ryanair flights arrive here from various Italian cities. It is located on the Costa Brava;

Also worth mentioning is theReus airport: this airport is located approximately 106km southwest of Barcelona, ​​in Tarragona. There are no departures from Italy for this airport, but there are several flights especially from the United Kingdom, but not only.

Barcelona airports map

Barcelona El Prat Airport

As mentioned it is the real Barcelona airport.

Here arrive all scheduled flights from Italy, Easy Jet low cost flights and Ryanair flights from: Milan (Bergamo), Rome Fiumicino, Naples, Treviso, Turin and Venice. It is also possible to arrive at this airport with Ryanair from other Italian cities, but with a stopover.

Obviously, if you have the possibility to land at this airport it is much more convenient given the distance and the connection possibilities.

In fact, from this airport it is possible to reach the center of Barcelona by:

  • Subway;
  • Aerobus (in just 35 minutes you are in Plaça de Catalunya);
  • Public transport bus;
  • Taxi;
  • Train.

El Prat Airport

Girona airport

This airport has experienced a boom thanks to the low cost airline Ryanair, which lands here flights from various Italian cities, although in recent years it has moved many departures to El Prat airport: Cagliari, Pescara, Pisa, Trapani.

The connection possibilities with this airport are much more limited:

  • Bus: this is the most convenient solution, since they depart to coincide with the arrival of Ryanair flights. The cost is € 14,50 each way, takes 1h30minutes and arrives in Barcelona at Estación del Norte.
  • Train: There are trains that depart from Girona station and arrive at Barcelona Sants. There are also fast trains that travel the route in just 38 minutes. To these, however, we must add the time to reach Girona station by bus, about 25 minutes.

Girona airport

Which airport to choose

If you have the choice and the price doesn't vary that much it certainly is preferable to land at El Prat airport, given the proximity to the city center and therefore the convenience of reaching Barcelona.

Obviously if you live in one of the 4 cities served by Ryanair and therefore have no other possibility to arrive than to Girona, do not despair, you are still in Barcelona, ​​or nearby…?

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